Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Beach

We had a blast at the beach! Addie LOVED it this year and so did Lilly! Lilly was such a laid back baby! She would take naps on the beach! That was unheard of when sweet Addie was a baby.
I have about 300 pics so I will try and just post a few.

 Ella and Addies Excellent Adventure

 Silly girls with Gammy
 Owie reading bug a bedtime story

 Addie surfing! Ella and Owie did too!


 Date night with Unkie Nicky

 Pure joy
 He got off and said he wanted to do it again!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


That stands for Muscle Shoals 2012!

I had a girls weekend with some of my college friends  and it was just what the doctor ordered! We went to Muscle Shoals, AL to a spa and I couldn't have been happier or more relaxed if we were at an all inclusive resort! It...was...wonderful!
We laid out all day long (until 7pm) and talked and laughed...etc! It felt good to just breath!
Here are some pics
All the girls (from left to right...Emily, Jessica, Andrea, Jenny, Alicia, me, Meg, Amy)
 Friends for 19 years!
 Alicia has the whole couch of course haha
 Long time friends!
 The joy I was feeling whilest there
 Jess and I
 Eat'n lunch

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5 Months old!

She is getting so big so fast and it's making me so sad. It's just bittersweet. I love watching her get bigger and learn new things every day but it's flying by so quickly!! Every time I rock  or feed her I think about how I savor every second with her and Addie. God has blessed me so much with these two girls and Billy. I say this a lot but my cup overflows! I'm very thankful! Fear sometimes tries to creep in and overwhelm me but I always remind myself that fear doesn't come from God so why entertain it. God's love is so vast that we can't understand it. I will get off my pulpit now and post pictures of my summerbug and Add.

Pastor Wingo
i just noticed the blinds...sorry Addie was looking out the window. Thats going to bug me.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day!

Happy 4th!

We had family day at the pool, cooked out, then watched the fireworks at the Miller's house that night.
4th of July girl!
 Watermelon fun!

 Papoo enjoying the day!
 Bug sucking on some watermelon
 Unkie Nicky and bug
 Uncle Jay and girls
 Pretty bug was so upset after Nicky's face scratched her
 Jay and Tori

 Daddy and Girls

 Emily being crafty
 Addie defying Emily 

 Watching the fireworks

 This was today...randomly put in