Sunday, April 28, 2013

Birthday Graduation Birthday

Last Saturday the girls and I walked to these little boys' soccer game! Too cute for words!

 Papoo and Gammy's birthdays are a week a part. We had an outdoor pizza party for Papoo (with a special spiderman appearance) and a mexican fiesta for Gammy's!

 Ha! Don't know why Ella is sitting like that.
 Sweet Ella's preschool graduation! Her teacher is our very own Erica! This is at her graduation.

This makes me want to cry! are growing up too fast! It was just yesterday you were the only baby out of all of them! Now you are about to enter Kindergarten! At least you will be with your wonderful, beautiful Aunt!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Well...the annual Wingo Wabbit Eggstravaganza was cancelled due to rain. We still had a couple friends over to play inside but it stopped raining enough for us to go outside and throw some eggs down. I wanted to put the hunt back on but felt thought it was rude to do so at such late notice. That being said we loved getting to hang out with all of our friends!

 Addie helping her sister
 Lola and Ramsey

 Dying Easter Eggs

 Happy Easter!!

 Addie and I made an Easter cake! 
 Cousin fun!
 Prom Queen

Easter festivities Part 1

We went to the annual Germantown Easter Egg hunt with our cousins and our friends the Harrison's. We thought it was going to be freezing but apparently we were the only ones under that assumption! ha

 Daddy didn't get to go to Egg hunt because of Tennis.