Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wingo's Wabbit Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza!

One of the good parts of going back to work is that I have my computer back so it's easier for me to post.
Here are some pics of our annual egg hunt and of Easter morning.
Happy Girl
 Girls and Bagger Vance

 Starting the hunt!

 Billy said "10 eggs a kid" at the end of the hunt Addie had around 30 haha We gave some back
 Lilly and Gammy
 Baby Hudson...I can't believe he is two already! We can't call him a baby anymore!
 Sweet Rivers
 Bug and Daddy
 We have a winner! Kacky won the adult egg!
 Lola and Addie

 "Bug's" best friend..."Cup" haha all their nicknames!

 Happy Kids
 Taking a break

 Lilly wanted to join
 Her first bike! Look how old she is!!

 Easter morning with my two sweet girls

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wingo's Wonderful Weekend getaWay

We went to Nashville this weekend for my cousin's 30th birthday party. We decided to make a weekend out of it and left on Friday. I cannot tell you what a wonderful breath of fresh air it was! I was in desperate need of sleep (especially since I go back to work tomorrow :( ) and Billy and I enjoyed spending time just the two of us!
We went to so many Nashvilly places. I didn't realize how hipster nashville had become. Everywhere I looked there was a Jonas brother or a george michael.

Billy wanted to fit in so bad!
 We went crazy on Friday night and Billy got a tatoo!

 It's Addie and Lilly's initials on the side and mine in the middle. He is stuck with me for life now! I feel like this is more official than our wedding. haha He also go Phil 2:3 which is about considering others better than yourself. A great reminder. I need to tatoo it on my hand to remember to do it.
We hung out with JL and friends Saturday afternoon!

We had a wonderful time at brad's 30th bday party!

I feel very refreshed and ready to face a hard week! I am going back to work tomorrow so I will be a little tortured not being able to be with my babies all day and having 8 hours less in my day to get things done! BUT I am VERY thankful for my job and I'm glad I am a teacher especially at GES. I truly love all my teacher friends. They will make leaving my girls a little easier. So will my students...for the most part. haha
God has me where he wants me so I can't complain.

ps. I feel like the word "posh" is very nashvilly too. BIlly and I called it "poshville" and I said 'posh" the whole trip. Everywhere we looked there were stores called posh this or posh that and sometimes just posh.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fancy Addie

Addie loves Fancy Nancy books and in one of them she wears a face mask. Addie wanted to wear one so bad so we had a little spa night.

She gets it honestly. When I was little, my younger brother and I  tried to recreate the Ferris Beuller room. We had a trophy tied to a string and when you opened the door it turned the radio on. We also tried to recreate an Eggo commercial. We put an Eggo waffle on a skate board and tried to lower it from an upstairs window to the kitchen window (to put syrup on it). It didn't work though because the kitchen window wasn't directly under the bedroom window. Does anyone remember that commercial? haha! We were so weird!

Here it is in case you don't remember

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter round one

 Germantown Egg Hunt

Here is our first round of Easter pictures! I will write more later