Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lemonade for Sale!

Gammy, Addie, and Lilly had a lemonade stand the other day. Addie has been obsessed with having one ever since. She got her daddy on board and they had the best time! They painted a sign, made homemade lemonade, and got her bestfriendcousin to come help out! I'm really glad we did it because we met a lot of neighbors. Long story short, one of our neighbors has chickens and now Billy has to have some. We will be getting some chicks this spring! ha!

 They made over $30!

 Yes we did the "E" backwards on purpose. I know that makes some of you mad. ha
This is the one they had at my parent's house. Billy said Addie is standing exactly like her mommy in this picture. I can finally see a resemblance!