Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Break Continued...

 The rest of our Spring Break was just as great as the beginning. I left off on Day 2 when we went to Botanic gardens.

Day 3- Parknic with friends (in my old neighborhood) so fun!
Day 4-5 Gammy watched kids and took them to the zoo. Billy and I went to Hot Springs, AR! It. WAS. AMAZING!!!!!!! The reason I am freaking out is because we not only got to eat dinner by ourselves, sleep in (till 8 which is like noon to most people), we stayed at a spa and my most favorite part was laying by the pool BY MYSELF for hours! I'm extremely accustom to having two angel babies and a dog always at my feet or pulling on my shirt (which I love and am very thankful for) but when I'm not with them I go to work and have 20 sweet little 8 year olds always at my feet, pulling at my shirt and tattling. So...all that to say...Billy and I had so much fun and I feel very refreshed!
I missed my babies and I always come home from trips thankful for my ordinary life!
Day 6- Back yard fun with Kids and family cookout.

And on the seventh day we rested.
Addie pushing Ram Bam
 Happy Bug

 Bug Posing
 Sliding Cup
 Sweet Erica and her boys!
 pic nicking

 Drunk Bug telling Cup "it's really fun"
 My old dog Lucy and Reese
 Pretty baby

 Ponk Tonky

 "I" playing at his mommy's old stomping grounds!

 My girls have always loved the Miller boys (Addie was obsessed with Hudson). Lilly is taking after her sister and she LOVES Hayes! She just laid on him!

 On our way!! 
 ha! This is literally the only picture I took with this camera! Billy said "I didn't know Thomas named a magazine". 
Having a fun night out at "Hot Spraaangs"

 Back Yard fun!

 I love this one of Lilly's eyes closed
 Owie taking his younger cousin for a ride!
 I told Ella to lean in more for the picture and Emily said "do you not see Addie's face?" ha! I didn't even notice! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Part 1

ahhh! Have you ever been running on a really hot day and finally drank a sip of cold water? That's how  I feel right now! I feel like my life has literally been going non-stop from dusk till dawn and I'm finally getting time to stop and take it all in. In other words...I'm having a refreshing spring break and it's only Tuesday! I'm loving being at home! I'm loving being with my babies, my friends, my family, my dog, my house! I can finally do the things I put off until the weekend and then the weekend comes and I'm too tired.

Here are some pics of Day 1 and Day 2 of Spring Break 13!