Thursday, October 20, 2011

Disney World!

Addie's first time to Disney World was a huge success! She went on a girls trip with Gammy, Aunt Emily, Ella, and Mommy and inutero Lilly. I was really nervous about her on the plane and waiting in the long lines but she did very well! She was so excited to fly and her face was priceless when she saw the castle for the first time! Ella had been there once before and still remembered everything.
The first day we went to Magic Kingdom and Addie was a little overwhelmed when we first walked in. The castle and everything had her stunned. Then we rode the Tea cups and her and Ella had a blast. They saw Tigger and Pooh, rode Snow white (which made her cry...I forgot how scary it was), they rode winnie the pooh, saw a 3D movie, Peter Pan, Dumbo, and it's a small world. All that and Addie's absolute favorite party was eating popcorn! That night Princess Aurora left them dresses and a note saying she hopes their dreams come true in our hotel room. They ate breakfast with all the princesses the next morning! They were star struck! The princesses would come and sign their autograph book then take a picture. They got to stroll around the restaurant in the princess parade! We went back to magic Kingdom after that and watched the electric light show and the castle turn colors.
The next day we went to Hollywood Studios. We rode rides and saw shows. We saw Beauty and the beast and they enjoyed that (Emily snuck off and rode the tower of terror!).

All in was a wonderful trip and we are very thankful to Gammy for taking us! The girls had so much fun!