Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"You win"

When we were little Nick and I (we both got along with JL) but we would fight or just be loud and my mom would say "you win" and then go to bed. We would all laugh when she would do that. haha She still does that now when Addie and Ella are loud but she is just kidding about it. Anyway the name of the post has to do with Jesus winning today.
This is not an exaggeration! My previous post talks about how I'm going to try and listen to christian music this week. Well...today I was in the car and guess which station is the ONLY one that is "staticy" in my car? Klove 94.9 I promise it was all static I could hear nothing! I was thinking you have got to be kidding me?! What are the odds? So I was just going to listen to something else when I thought...Anthony Evans! He is a christian singer who I absolutely LOVE. I forgot I had his CD but then I remembered it was scratched and didn't work. So...I turned it on anyway and listened to all my favorite songs and I promise you it didn't skip once!!! Jesus won that battle!!