Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall 2013

 Unkie J passed the bar!!

 Addie woke up excited about staying at "gammy's"
 Bonfire Tuesday

 Having fun at the farm!

 Isaiah's 3rd Birthday!

 Halloween Party in my classroom! 
 Halloween Eve at the Trunk or Treat
 Bug was supposed to be a bunny but would NOT have it. I kept the minors minor and let this one go.
 Addie was a bride!

 The princess, the pea and the knight,
 I LOVE this progression (and her outfit ha!)
 MY BOPPY!! (What she calls her paci)

 All smiles now
 All Hallows Eve at the Harrisons

Halloween was so much fun this year! Lilly really loved it and Addie did too of course! So much fun! I'm cherishing these years!!

It's Football time in Tennessee....

Billy finally caught the raccoon that's been driving him crazy!

We went to Knoxville a couple weeks ago and had a blast!

Back to where we first began!

Tailgat'n with some old friends

Phi mu sisters with one ADpi

We won!!