Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friends of Lill

Lilly is over 2 weeks old already! At her two week check up she had gained a pound! She weighed 8lbs 13 oz and 21.5 inches! Addie went with me to her appointment and just glowed the whole time. Addie has REALLY enjoyed having a sister. It gets annoying at times (because she is always touching her) but I'm very thankful that she isn't jealous and she loves her so much.

Here are some pics of Lill and some visitors she has had.
 Sweet Hayley! She was so helpful when I was in the hospital!

 I love these! Addie looks crazy! haha

 Ella! haha


Also......Addie got her first haircut! She was so nervous! She held my hand the whole time. The person who cut her hair (Dolly) has been cutting my hair forever. She did my first haircut!

Beauty Queen!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


The whole time I was pregnant I constantly said "she is due February 6...I don't care when she comes as long as it is in February". The closer it got I would say "she has to wait until February 1st". Well...sweet Lilly bug listened to her mommy and she actually came herself! I was scheduled for a csection Feb 3 but woke up with contractions on the 1st. I didn't know if they were real or not and then I got scared if I waited too long I wouldn't make it for a csection so we called my sister in law (Emily) at 4:00 am ( I knew she would be awake because she doesn't sleep) and went to the hospital. The doctor said I was in labor and he (Judith wasn't there) would do a csection at 8:30! We were so excited!
So that went fine and we met our new little girl at 9:16 am! She was 7lbs 14oz! 20 inches. We both cried because she had a full head of hair and looked just like her sister!

The scary part
So then I went to the recovery room for an hour. They checked me on and off and I was fine. I went to the other floor where Addie was going to meet Lilly. My mom had Addie in the hallway and the nurse  checked me one more time. When she did she started freaking out. She called all the nurses in the room, they took Lilly out of the room and Billy ran in with shocked eyes (as he watched 3 doctors and 6 nurses storm in). I was hemorrhaging really bad. I didn't feel it because I was numb. I won't get too gory but the doctor was working hard to get clots out and stop the bleeding. Finally, he said "we are going to have to go back in" (At this point Billy said I was losing consciousness and kept saying "I'm so tired"). One of the doctors looked at me and said "don't be upset if you have to have a hysterectomy...we will do it to save you". I kept saying "am I going to be ok?" So they wheeled me out and I pass poor Billy who was extremely upset and my mom who was too. I remember praying "I'm completely powerless right now God but I know I'm going to be ok". I was scared because they had to put me asleep and I did not want that but I remember thinking "I'm just going to let go of my fear because this has to happen". They put the mask on me and the next thing I know I as waking up. I immediately thought "phew I'm's over". Then I said "is my uterus still here?". It was. The doctor said he had to sutcher a blood vessel above my uterus. It was a God thing that the blood was coming out of me and not filling up in my uterus! I lost so much blood I had to have 4 blood transfusions!

 Unkie Nicky's beard!

Long story long...It was a scary experience. I have been much weaker than I was after Addie and I have had some anxiety. I wouldn't stay alone for awhile because I kept thinking I was going to pass out.

I am so very thankful that I am here and that Lilly is safe and ok. I can't tell you how thankful I am just being at home with my two girls and Billy!

My cup overflows!