Tuesday, January 8, 2013

11 Months

Months are flying by like seconds!!
Here is bug at 11 months! Here is Addie at 4 years and 3 days!

Addie was making her laugh after we took these pictures!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess Addie!

We had a Cinderella party for Addie's 4th birthday! I really wanted to do it low key. I feel like the kids don't notice the pinteresty things. I enjoy going to pinteresty partys and freaking out about them but I don't enjoy throwing them! Too much detaily things to do and I feel like I don't have time as it is. Enough justification...here are some pics of the grand event!

(pinteresty and detaily are words on MY blog)
Addie and Bug prepartying
 Waiting for the ball to begin

 Addie wouldn't take this picture. I told her "if you don't get in the picture we wont have any pictures of you and Ella for your wedding slide show". That some how worked! ha!
 Knight and shining Owie
 Fun Friends!
 Garland and Cinderella! She heard Addie was having a birthday party and decided to come!
 Reading a story
 Princesses and the princess
 I was trying to play "Musical Slipper" if they were holding the slipper when the music stopped they had to pretend to fall asleep and the princess would bring them a hershey kiss to wake them up. Some of them didn't get it. If they music stopped they all fell asleep. ha! It was so funny! Others wouldn't pass the slippper. They kept looking at me like "give me the hershey kiss now". 
 Cinderella giving them their wands

 Lilly loves Alicia's curtains as much as I do!
Emily look at Ella in the back ground ha!