Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmastime continued

I love the holiday season! We had so much fun! Addie is of the age that Christmas is such a magical, exciting time. I really tried to emphasize what Christmas was truly about this year. I told her that Santa was fun and magical but Christmas is about Jesus being born and how we are so excited during Christmas because Jesus saved us!
She asked me how Santa could be real and make-believe at the same time. I told her that it was like when daddy does a magic trick. We don't know how it happens and that's what makes it fun. Anyway, here are some of our Christmas time events.
Ella bella's build a bear birthday party! Can't believe she is 5!
 Bug watching Addie's Christmas program
 Addie's precious program! It was so sweet. I had to hold back tears the whole time.
 Ella was Mary! We were so proud!
 She had to make sure I took a picture of her yawn. ha
 Ella and Addie singing "Happy Birthday Jesus" 

 Gammy did bawl
 Gammy and Papoo after performance. For the record...daddy was there he snuck out of school to watch it and had to sneak back before the end.

 Polar Express train with Santa
 Happy Bug riding the train

 Our friends Jeremy and Kathy came too! We loved getting to hang out with them!

 Story time
 milk drunk

 Christmas Morning!
 ha! Bug's Bugged by something

 Christmas Morning at Gammy and Papoo's

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas time/ Lilly 10 months!

So much has happened this December. I'm too tired to write about it so I will just caption the pictures.
Addie and Ella's precious Christmas Program
 Making cookies with Mia at Gammy and Papoos

 Fun Birthday night out for Billy and Jonathan's 33rd Birthday!!
So much fun! (Tacky Christmas theme)

 My Sweet bug at 10 months!! She is eating most foods, she says "momma","daddy", "ba ba" (for bottle) and "bu bu bu" for bubble bath. She LOVES taking a bath and can not stand for us to get her out of it!
 Great big sister

 Sisters singing
 Lilly's second first step! She can take a step but then whibble wabbles and falls. hashtaggrowingsofast

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Last weekend I completed my first half-marathon in honor of Evie Harrison. I don't know anyone who doesn't know them so the Harrisons need no introduction on my blog. Their sweet little 21 month old girl went to be with Jesus December 9, 2010. It has almost been 2 years since she passed away. They are such a sweet family and each year Jonathan puts together a team that runs in her honor. They use the money to grant a child a wish using Make- A-Wish.

The bet all began when we were at a friends house for New Years last year and Jonathan ran there. I was obessesly pregnant and was making fun of him for running there. I, then, seriously said "I do want to run a half marathon next year". Jonathan said "if you run a half marathon...I will try out for a play"! So...we shook on it and the rest is history...Jonathan will be trying out for a play in the near future and we will all be there!

The marathon was amazing. I was more emotional at the beginning than at the end. I couldn't even run 20 minutes this summer so I really didn't think it would happen. So many obstacles almost made me quit so many times! I felt satan trying to win out on it. Finally, about a month ago I realized I could do it if I just ran slow and it worked! 11:00 minute miles did the trick! It was so humbling to run by all the sick children and parents who were holding their children or signs with their child's picture on it. I'm very thankful I was able to be apart of it!

Here are some pics!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Addie used to love dancing to this hippo song. We tried it out on Bug last night and she loved it just as much!

Here are videos of both of them around the same age.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I love the holidays! I love the music...the food...the friends...the family...the fun!
I had Bunco on Monday night, we went to a friend's house Tuesday night (Hayley's), friend's house Wednesday night (the Tashie's), (You could have just read for all that and the pictures that are to follow!) ha I will be updating on Sunday too because I get to hang out with some friends from highschool this weekend! are some pics of our fun with friends and on Thanksgiving!!
 JL, Tori, and kids
 Nick learning about Tori's family

 I loved the picture Addie drew so much we made a family pic out of it (minus a bug).
 Matching punkins
 Lilly has a lot of me in her. This is my dear friend Amy (from college). All through college I loved everything about Amy (including her hair and make-up) I ALWAYS wanted my make-up to look like hers! Long story short...Lilly looks like she likes her as much as I do. 
ps. Amy did my make-up one time and it looked absolutely hideous! haha  Don't know what went wrong! This is the longest caption ever!