Monday, September 5, 2011

I love FALL!!! has started back. I forgot how exhausted I get during the school week. I work, play with Addie, work some more, then go to bed. there is a crisp in the air and it makes me so happy! Last night we had a Labor Day, Birthday Party with a lot of our friends (it was actually to hook my friend Jenny up with a guy I met at the lake. I met him and new they would get married). It was so funny because everyone at the party new it was just to get them together. We didn't have time to stare at them or listen to their converstation because every inch of the house was covered with kids. We had fun, they jumped on the moon bounce and the girls screamed around the house. I felt like I had a 3year old kids fraternity party!
Third thing I have to discuss is that I'm having another baby GIRL!!! Last night Ella kept telling Addie "your not having an Owie (my nephew)! Your having a Lola (one of Addie's friends)". Addie kept crying saying "I DON'T WANT A LOLA I WANT OWIE!!" Since I told Addie she was going to be a big sister she has not wanted anything except her baby boy cousin Owie. haha She has no clue how much she is going to love her little sister! It will be her favorite thing Yosh and I ever give her!!
Fourth thing...We are going to disneyworld this Fall break. My mom, Addie, me, Emily, and Ella!! We are eating breakfast with the princesses and everything!!

I will find some pictures to post.